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The school was established as a Technical Secondary School of Economics in 1962 at the Upper Secondary School in Rypin, in a shared building. Initially, 26 girls and 12 boys began their education, but the number of students in our school grew with each successive year.

Therefore, eight years later, in 1970, our school got a new separate building and a dormitory at Dworcowa Street, where the school is located until today.

Within the years of its existence, the school has gone through a number of organizational changes, gradually extending its educational offer to new proposals, adapting curricula, modernizing teaching methods and specializations, and keeping pace with the changing demands of the modern world. In its current form, as School Complex No. 2, the school has been operating since 2002 and it has received its name – the European Union - a few months later in 2003.

Currently, School Complex No. 2 is the largest secondary school in the region. The number of students attending is around 818, there are 63 teachers and 18 administrative staff work here. The present headteacher is Henryk Jan Kiełkowski, M.Sc., and the deputy heads are Stefan Róg, M.Sc.Eng. and Piotr Gałkowski, PhD.


At the moment, the school is composed of the following types of schools: Upper Secondary School, Technical Secondary School, Vocational School, Post-Secondary and Supplementary Secondary Technical School. Depending on the type of school, students can choose between different professional specializations in economics, trade, information technology, logistics, freight forwarding, and many others.

Having completed respectively three or four years of education, students in the upper secondary school and technical school have an opportunity to take a school-leaving exam (Matura Exam). Students of technical and vocational schools participate also in professional practice training periods that take place in a number of local companies, offices and institutions cooperating with us.

At our school, we also have a School Self-Government which actively and regularly organizes school events and parties: welcome parties, discos, national holidays, artistic performances, Boy’s Day, Valentine's Day,”Lucky number” drawing, charity actions and many others.

Our teachers are fully devoted to broadening horizons and opportunities for students, inspiriting ambition and preparing our graduates to continue their education at higher levels of studying. We are proud of our graduates who successfully finish colleges and universities, receive jobs in their learned professions and succeed in the professional field.


The school is equipped with a variety of teaching and students facilities icluding classrooms with multimedia projectors, ICT rooms with the Internet access and a foreign languages lab, a well-organized school library, reading room, a common room and canteen. We have a gym, a playground and a modern sports complex with a swimming-pool and a professional sports hall. Wireless Internet connection is also available at our school.

We organize educational trips, pilgrimages, extracurricular activities, knowledge competitions and we also participate in sports, military, and education contests.

Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Unii Europejskiej w Rypinie
ul. Dworcowa 11,
kontakt tel. (54) 280 3161

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Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Unii Europejskiej w Rypinie
ul. Dworcowa 11,
kontakt tel. (54) 280 3161