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One of the biggest investments in Rypin was the building of the Sports Centre which was opened in 2011. The centre includes a newly built sports hall, water park with the longest water slide in the province, a bowling alley and a spa. In addition, in Rypin you can find a sports stadium, two complexes of Orlik playing fields, skate park and a tennis courts. The Municipal Sports and Recreational Centre (MOSiR) and the towns impressive recreational areas on the Rypienica River are also a signature of the town.

(source: mosir-rypin.pl, qz.pl and skatemore.pl)

Rypins most important sights and attractions are:

1. Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Catholic Church with one of the larges sacral stained glass-work in Europe, with an area of 212m 2, depicting the Last Supper, the Creation and the Last Judgment

(source: rypin.eu and wikimapia.org)

2. Holy Trinity Church from the fourteenth century, built probably by the Teutonic Knights in the Gothic style

(source: : sw-trojca-rypin.com.pl)

3. Lutheran Church from 1888 in the Gothic style, with rich polychrome, carved pulpit and a triptych altarpiece

(source: polskaniezwykla.pl)

4. St. Barbara's Chapel, built before 1694 year, with newly discovered and restored polychrome

(source: polskaniezwykla.pl)

5. Town houses from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, medieval streets network and rectangular market square, with an obelisk commemorating the municipal rights of 1345 AD

(source: wikimapia.org, pomorska.pl, rypin.eu, skyscrapercity.com)

6. Fragment of fortifictions located adjacent to and from the same period as the Holy Trinity Church. The remnants of the wall are 29 meters long, 5 meters high and 1.1 meters thick

7. Museum of Dobrinland located in a former 19th century hospital, later the headquarters of the SS during the Nazi occupation.

(source: wikimedia.org and przewodnik.e-wyjazd.pl)

Many interesting architectural objects of worship and defense (e.g. the Rypins castle built before the middle of fourteenth century, synagogue, Orthodox church or the Town Hall) ceased to exist ruined, demolished or devastated.

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Zesp Szk nr 2 im. Unii Europejskiej w Rypinie
ul. Dworcowa 11,
kontakt tel. (54) 280 3161